"I was born to speak all mirth and no matter." Beatrice, Much Ado about Nothing, Shakespeare

Danielle Rosvally, Ph.D. is a fight director, actor, dramaturge, and academic. Her favorite things to read and write about are Shakespeare, the practice/labor of theatre-making, Shakespearean adaptations, cultural capital, and swords. Her work frequently takes a digital humanities bent; either through gathering and using quantitative data, or through considering digital objects themselves.

Danielle's monograph, Theatres of Value: Buying and Selling Shakespeare in Nineteenth-Century New York City, examines the ways the businesspeople drafted value in conjunction with Shakespeare over the course of the nineteenth century. She is the co-editor of Early Modern Liveness: Mediating Presence in Text, Stage, and Screen (2023, Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare). Danielle is also the co-convener of the Early Modern Studies group that has met for the past several years at the American Society for Theatre Research conference. 

Danielle is the co-author of Yassified Shakespeare, a multimedia project which seeks to better understand Shakespearean appropriation in yassified contexts while simultaneously expanding conceptions of how academics communicate their research.

Danielle holds a Ph.D. from Tufts University's Department of Dance and Drama, an MA in English Literature from Rutgers, and a BA from New York University. She is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University at Buffalo.